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By Rakesh Vanarse for #RVOriginals

It all starts with a feeling of deja vu. You just wake up in the middle of night feeling out of sorts. You might be walking and feeling the breeze on the street when it strikes you.

Your mind starts giving up. You are enveloped with a sudden sense of fear, senselessness and emptiness. LIfe starts looking meaningless. You are shy to share it with people lest they laugh at you. Or worse, they try to take undue advantage of your weak moments. You even shy away from sharing these feelings with your family members if you feel they do not have the emotional strength to take it or that you might put them in a state of confusion or quandary. So you go ahead and share it with some people that you feel are your sounding board and can actually bear it or keep up with it without taking undue advantage of it.

These are your Fragile moments. Many of us are hit with it in different intensities. Some of us tide through it, some bypass it. But most of us go under in form of depression, stress and even mental disturbance and illness. The mind simply starts caving in, life closing in, time squeezing in. You feel claustrophobic, nauseated and even breathless in your mind.

Helplessness, Meaninglessness, Worthlessness and many gaps clash within the mind.

Question is “What is our response to it?”

Escape. Denial. Pretense.

Then it leads to looking for a Panacea. Sub-consciously. This is when self abuse happens.

Due to our non acknowledgement of our own situation, we try to fill up our gaps with the wrong influences and references. This then leads to damage, sometimes beyond return. Damage psychologically, physically, emotionally, relationally, and many more.

The solution is simple. Really simple.

Acknowledge your problems. Be honest to yourself. Seek help from the right sources. Use positive influences and references. Try Yoga or Spirituality and not Substance and Self Abuse. You will find a way.

So, in a capsule, the right response is intrinsically based on your actual nature. If you are self destructive, your responses will lead you to destruction. If you are self preserving, your responses will lead you to progress, success and true and inner happiness. A Sublime feeling.

Find the Goodness in you and you can easily overcome your Fragile moments.

The Language of Life/#RVOriginals/2/23092020

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