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The Quest for Power. The Search for Truth.

Rakesh Vanarse for #RVOriginals

From the dawn of mankind, life has been divided into an unending quest for power. It can be the power to dominate, the power to rule, to beat down, to establish supremacy, to create disharmony, to create strife, to run down, to walk over, to inhibit, to prevent, to trouble, to bother, to pressurize, to create ill-will, to cause pain, suffering and unending sorrow, to destroy and plunder.

Then it has also been about the power to liberate, to support, to enhance, to create, to harmonize, to establish a bonding, to create brotherhood, to rise, to shine and to make lives better.

Thus, it has always been the power either to destroy or to create. Very rarely, one has observed the power to be indifferent. That has also been found to be destructive. Since, indifference is like allowing life to take its own turn. And from the last few millennia, ever since man can remember its history, the power to destroy has been frighteningly larger than the power to create.

To destroy is a million times faster than to create. Add to that, there are a million times more minds in the application of destruction. This has led to an impossible tilt in the fabric of life. Whether we like it or not, we are headed towards a vortex of destruction. There is nothing that can seemingly undo the damage of this force that is a million times larger and faster than the ability to create.

Wonder what is our only world headed towards?


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