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What are we Listening to…

By Rakesh Vanarse for #RVOriginals

We are what we eat. We are what we wear. We are how we live. We are our hope. We are our despair. We are our happiness. We are our sorrow.

Similarly, we are what we absorb. We are what we perceive. We are what we retain. We are how we respond.

In life, we often become the person what we had never imagined to be. It’s a sum total of all experiences that we go through and that we live with. It’s not just the experiences that we have but our response to the experiences that makes us the person that we are. We don’t become the person that we had planned to be, our ideal and highest self. Very often, we end up becoming a person that we had never expected to become.

A vast majority of humanity often loses itself to these external experiences of life and internal responses to them. Many of us don’t realize the abominations that we become. Many negative energies such as hate, resentment, contempt, manipulation, sorrow and such emotions become the larger part of us. We become either defensive or manipulative assuming that the world out there is going to trample all over us if we expose our true, nice and vulnerable selves to the world.

One really doesn’t know, where all this begins, comes from or will lead to. However, very early in life, we understand that there are some people out there to make our lives miserable. This leads us to develop our defense mechanism that comprises of all the negative tendencies, attitudes and behavior. The sad part is that a large part of societies across the world have become highly disturbed environments due to such perceptions and our eventual response to them.

To analyze this, it all starts with our Listening (not just hearing). Here, listening leads to how we form our thoughts, perceptions, opinions and approach to the world at large. It relates to our intrinsic nature and being and then opinions are formed. Thus, one has to analyze and correct the intrinsic nature and being. We need to form a Self Image of who we want to become. It’s only then that all Listening, Inputs and Influences will form in the slots that we have designed by our own Will and not been imposed on us.

So when we decide on a Self Image and work towards, we have control over who we are. On the other hand, when we don’t work towards a Self Image, then we unknowingly and unwittingly become the person that we are not.

Thus, the key to Listening Right is to form a sensible direction of who we are. Then all Listening will fall in the right places in the mind. We can then truly experience being our highest and ideal best.

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