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Corporate Communication Consulting would help Start Ups and MSMEs to communicate holistically with its Internal, Intermediate and External Audiences. It’s a complex combination to achieve organization success. It depends on many variables such as Strategy, Creative, Implementation and other areas out of which budgets is the last variable to be considered.

Implementation to be carried by client. We will monitor, supervise and analyze progress.

Note: We take responsibility of giving best possible Consultancy and Advise. However, results may fluctuate based on Market conditions.

All Consulting Services are only Online via Video, Audio, Mail and Messages.

A chat or a call is advised before the actual package is bought.

The package can be availed in the following ways.

Hourly – Consulting on an Hourly Basis. Here, the Client or Principal can have solutions for a Quick Issue. This can also be a great way to get to know each other and assess future possibilities.

Issue Based – Here, any Issue or Set of Issues that needs to be solved will be taken. This might take several meetings and planning to get solved. Maximum Time Allocated would be up to 16 Hours to ensure that Issue is Solved. It can be less if Issues is Solved earlier. For additional Time Commitment, we can add by the Hour or Switch to Monthly model.

Monthly – A plan where we can have multiple meetings and planning sessions. Ideal to make a yearly plan and then implement it yourself. Maximum Time Allocated would be up to 20 Hours. For additional Time Commitment, we can add by the Hour or Extend by Monthly model.

Yearly – A Full Year Involvement. This would cover Monitoring, Supervision, Report Analysis, Market Analysis and hands on commitment. Maximum Time Allocated would be up to 16 Hours Per Month. For additional Time Commitment, we can add by the Hour only if Time Commitment is very

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Covering a Holistic Range of Communication programs as per the need of the Organization or Enterprise. This would comprise of all or a combination of specific services as required by the brand.

1. Advertising
2. Brand Communications
3. Corporate branding
4. Crisis management
5. Corporate social responsibility
6. Crisis communication
7. Public Relations
8. Publicity Design
9. Press conference
10. Press release
11. Email
12. Collaboration
13. Meeting
14. Interviews
15. Video
16. Illustration
17. Infographic
18. Photographs
19. Memorandum
20. Internal Communications

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Hourly, Issue Based, Monthly, Yearly


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