By Rakesh Vanarse for #RVOriginals

I really was yearning for a ‘Jalebi’, a popular Indian sweet. I got it. I really have a relationship of attraction with the ‘Jalebi’. If I count it right, I have had at least 5 such experiences with my favourite sweet in my lifetime.

The other day, I was spiritually seeking out god. Surprisingly, the next day I got a full blessing in some form. I thanked god with all my heart and wondered how my thoughts and desires could come alive.

Within me, I got a strange sense of déjà vu. Such experiences have happened numerous times before in my life. Many times what I have really, really wished for has come true and alive in my life.

This has led me to think.

Am I just Experiencing or Actually Creating My Own Life?

Am I really capable of making the Universe and Creation come together to fulfill my wishes and desires?

Why doesn’t if happen when I have consciously tried other times?

What is the ‘X’ factor that makes it possible sometimes and just not possible many other times?

These questions are largely still unanswered. However, one understands that sometimes fate and faith intervene. At other times, they don’t and simple stay away.

This just makes me wonder, what if I could create all my possibilities in my own life?

What if I could create a sweet and nice world with this ‘X’ factor?

We really need to start looking within ourselves to get the right answers. The Universe and Creation are all around us to help us find our Calling and our Truest and Highest Self. All we need to do is Believe. Maybe, then we can make Fate and Faith our best friends in this journey called Life.


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