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The Upcoming World Order

By Rakesh Vanarse for #RVOriginals

21st Century. Truly started with the beginning of the Digital Era. IT and Telecom just entered our lives like never before. This happened in the last 2 decades of the 20th Century and the 2nd Millenium. A very interesting time zone by any count.

So what’s happening! What does it mean to different people from different generations? Gen X is the first cross over generation experiencing the transition from Analog to Digital. Gen Y grew up with the Basics. However, its is Gen Z that is truly the Digital Generation. They were born in the era and have grown with it.

But is it only about the Digital Era? Digital by itself is a technology, a raw force. However, when applied to various aspects of life, work, leisure and others, it has created a completely new paradigm shift. Right from Peace to War, digital is being applied everywhere. The point is that the transitory generation has to bear the brunt of trying to keep up with the change and struggling with it.

However, it’s the new generation, Gen Z, that is at the forefront of the most massive change that the world and humanity has ever seen.

So now let’s look at the impact of this on everyday life.

Firstly, Work Parameters are changing rapidly. It’s not about attendance but about Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Result Areas (KRA). People now require to have more than one profession or side vocation or business. This is because only one source of income may not be enough.

Also, Education is now transitioning to Online where the dynamics are different but are deeper and more intensive.

Another area such as Leisure and Lifestyle is also driven with the immense possibilities available on our fingertips.

Looking at the above trends, Flexitime Working and Work-From-Home trends have started to get into our lives.

But the biggest issue to be addressed is Stress and Mental Health. All the above influences are creating ripples in peoples’ lives. Many of us can’t keep up with the flexible and changing environment.

Thus, the paradox is that in the 21st century while the Technology and Digital parameters are increasing, the search for Self and Spirituality is also increasing.

So the upcoming world order looks like an interesting mix of Technology meeting Spirituality. Wonder what Socio-Cultural shifts it will create. Wonder what Eco-Political scenario will emerge out of it.

Very interesting turn of events. Maybe it time for evolution of the Human Race itself.

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